As a comedian/writer/producer, Pat's professional career has spanned over 20 years. He has created television shows, digital series, branded content and podcasts. But hands down his favourite project is working on This is That with his good buddies Chris and Pete. After spending most of his life reading books, Pat decided it was time to step up and co write one. Previous to this, the longest thing Pat had written was an essay in University on the FLQ Crises. To say he’s proud of this book is an understatement. 

As a comedian/writer/producer, Peter's professional career has spanned over 25 years. That’s 5 years more than Pat, and if you meet them in person, it’s said that the experience really shows. He's been an actor in Film, Television, and Theatre, but thanks to collaborating with his good friends on the This Is That Travel Guide To Canada, Peter is thrilled to legitimately refer to himself as an author! Something he's falsely claimed for years. He hopes you have as much fun reading this book as the authors had writing it. Or at the very least can use it to give a small child a boost at the dinner table. 


Chris Kelly is the 5th Beatle or, in this case the 2nd Kelly, of This Is That. Since the show’s inception he’s the man behind the scenes pulling levers, twisting knobs, and making Pete and Pat’s jokes ready for broadcast. He is astonished that he can now call himself an author. 

Dave Shumka is a comedian and the co-host of the award-winning comedy podcasts, Stop Podcasting Yourself and Our Debut Album, along with Graham Clark. For five years, Dave worked down the hall from This Is That’s offices in the CBC, and he dreamed of one day co-writing a fake book with them. Well, the book is real. It exists. You can see it and hold it in your hands. Although maybe not the e-book or the audio book, but that’s an argument for another day. Let’s book!


About the Radio Show
This Is That has engaged audiences across the country and beyond with an acclaimed radio show and podcast, viral digital content, and sold-out live show tours. The award-winning satirical radio program on CBC Radio One is created by veteran comedians Chris Kelly, Pat Kelly, and Peter Oldring, who use the familiar sound of public radio as a platform for character bits and improvisational comedy. Going into its seventh season, This Is That is heard by over 1 million Canadians each week, and draws over 1.5 million website views per season. The radio show has won three Canadian Comedy Awards for Best Radio Program, the New York Festivals Gold Medal for Best Comedy Special, and the New York Festivals Bronze Medal for Best Regularly Scheduled Comedy Program. This Is That stories have been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Boing Boing, Paste Magazine, New York Magazine, The Guardian, Devour, and more. This Is That will be taking its sold-out live tour back across the country in January and February 2017.